I made this berries from beads in the winter, when I missed the summer. I like making key chains and giving them to friends.

And this world is beautiful. Working on small details with my hands, which is good for relieving stress and increasing brain productivity, in other words I not only created designs from fishing line and beads but in the process improved my character traits such as patience and prudence. I trained at night rigorously and I think my efforts were not in vain. Apart from the many millions of gifts made by my hands that I gave to everyone I know.

Yes, creativity begins with gifts, and my desire to create is also born out of love for the people around me. Often my compositions were born after I meet a new person. I immediately see in my mind an object that I can do and which will suit that particular person. As a talisman, an object in which I conclude a lot of love and hope it will bring joy.


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