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And how I fell in love with their flowers and devoting my work to different people, I look for more inspiration when traveling the world. And this inspiration appears here and there) This time in Italy.

Wonderful people with extraordinary energy who work in greenhouses and are charged with sunlight. Bright, just like their ideas, they inspired me to create new collection of customized jewelry of crystallized cannabis CBD. Of course it was not quick, it took a long time and hard work that led me to this path. But I am pleased with the result, as well as my customers, who are delighted with the quality and variety of products.

Observing and participating in the process of growing cannabis, I thought about using it for other various purposes than those already known and obviously it turned out that people already use cannabis to the fullest for all sorts of purposes. Then I thought about cannabis as a decorative element and the possibility of preserving cannabis in its original green form.

Here you can find not only photos of my works, but also interesting thematic posts of this company. instagram.com/p/Bzapts1oN7HlBA85gIlAo5g3w1LrMaetjJnA1o0.


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