Handmade work

Things made by hands are always more pleasant and lovely to the Heart

Unique design

Improved techniques and the Creation of new amazing combinations

Positive energy

Things made with Love and special diligence are charged with Positive and Luck

Friends & Customers

A big Hello to all the folks out there!!! Let me give you all a short glimpse about my dearest friend Yana. Her creations are one of a kind who gives all her heart out when it comes to Art. Her ambitions are so high in seeing this world in a creative way. The work done on this project is impeccable. I wish her to keep continuing the work and all the best things come to her in the future. Keep soaring high!!


I got my hands on these amazing bracelets and I was surprised how precisely they are made due to a tiny size of beads used. Very stylish and original accessories. Never seen anything like it before.

Kristina GBlogger

I remember you when you were making all sorts of jewelry for friends all night long and didn’t sleep. I still wear earrings you made for me long time ago, still like new. I’m glad for your success with opening your site where people can buy your wonderful products.

Anna MFriend
Hemp Crystals

The real leaves, flowers & seeds inside the resin that will last forever!